Rising Interest Rates

As a homeowner with an existing mortgage, it's important to stay informed about changes in interest rates and how they might affect your financial situation. In recent months, there has been a large...

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Living Rich, Retiring Poor

As financial planners we are often asked to help clients who are trying to save for retirement.  Sometimes these potential clients are having difficulty saving money as their golden years rapidly...

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Well, what is currency?    Currency or money is, in its most simple form, a medium of exchange.  Money was created so we don’t have to bring our pigs or cows to the market in order to buy shoes.  ...

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How to maximize your TFSA in 2022!

What’s on Your Mind? January 2022 TFSA Planning, Contributions and Investments-What Are You Waiting For? Happy New Year. A time of reflection and planning. We are at the beginning of a new year,...

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Vacation & Snowbird Dilemma-Should I Go or Should I Stay

Travel and vacation is, or should be, part of our mental health and wellbeing regime.  Our most important asset is our health.  Visiting friends and family or faraway places and beach destinations (my favourite), all serve to help recharge our batteries, reduce stress, relax, and heal our bodies and boost our immune system.

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POAs-Why Every Adult Needs One

Surprise we are in the middle of a pandemic.  Surprise everything non-essential is shut down. Surprise you or someone you know gets Covid and ends up in the hospital. Surprise we never got around to...

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