The Way Forward

Today (April 8th, 2020) saw the opening of Wuhan China after 76 days of lock down. Apparently it was greeted with cheers and throngs of mask wearing residents taking to the streets. We are guessing,...

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“This too Shall Pass”

“This too shall Pass”. I remember reading this quote during the dark days of my divorce and it often comes to mind during troubling times. It is a Persian adage that has been translated throughout...

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Costs vs. Convenience

We often write articles on the joys of frugality. Sometimes trade-offs need to be addressed between cost and convenience. Eating out is one of the most common and biggest convenience items for most...

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Green For Money or the Environment

Today it is common to hear about ways to save our planet. There are talks going on almost daily about what we need to do as a country and within this world we live in to make it sustainable for...

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Don’t Use Your Debit Card

With Christmas around the corner it is sometimes easier to stay on budget if you use cash to pay for purchases.  When I mention cash I am referring to the use of debit cards, which takes the money...

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Market Movements

In the past few weeks we have seen an uptick in notable newsworthy events and corresponding movement from the stock market (AKA volatility).  Sometimes we get calls from clients after certain market...

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