One of our next-door neighbor’s house was broken into recently while they were away at their cottage.  This was not a smash and grab but a carefully laid out plan.  The neighbors had cameras and a security system in place and thought they were secure.  The communication lines to the house were cut in the late evening (cable, phone, and internet).  With that the whole security system was defeated.  The power was also cut upon entry.  The back sliding door window was broken, and a second egress created by breaking a side window.

Many high-end items and personal information were taken.  Home Insurance may cover the cost of the stolen items but the privacy breach and insecurity one may feel after this will last for a while.  Even though it wasn’t our home that got broken into, we felt violated as if it was. Too close for comfort as they say.

Here are some guidelines garnered from different sources one could take to help secure your home and valuables:

  • Papers, financial statements, bank statements, passports should be kept somewhere safe (such as a safe if you have one).
  • As with documents it may be a good idea to keep jewelry in a safe or safety deposit box at the bank, if you have one.
  • Decorative bars could be added to areas that are easily accessible such as lower floor windows that offer extra security
  • A barking dog is also one of the best deterrents.  If you don’t want a real dog maybe a sensor mat could discourage a would-be thief.
  • Smart home technology allows you to control lights from anywhere in the world, check cameras, record footage into the cloud.  But this all depends on internet access.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Ask them to look in on your place and collect your mail while you are away.  Exchange contact details.
  • If you have a security service, ask what would happen if communication lines to your home were cut.  There are dedicated security systems available.
  • Ensure your home insurance covers any higher end items you may own and if so what documentation is needed to ensure coverage.

Things were different when we were young, I suppose.  We knew our whole street growing up.  Now you have neighborhoods of complete strangers.  Knowing break-ins can happen anywhere, the first order of business for me is to go and pick up a safe. We already have the dog.


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