It’s been four months since our world has changed. Having said that we’ve all had to make adjustments. For some it’s been easy and for others a little more challenging.

Whether you continued to work or have been off, being in lockdown is not something that most people have ever experienced. For the most part our freedom has been taken away. Now as things slowly open up we are in a world where everybody’s face is covered. I for one realize the importance of wearing a face mask but I think it should have happened in the very beginning and not as our numbers in Ontario have come down for COVID19. I resent that my civil liberties have been taken away and I am forced to breathe my own air. This can’t be good long-term.

OK I’m ranting and I’m venting. The whole point of this article is how are you feeling? After a while it seems that no matter what we do, our mental health gets affected. I know for our team at Levesque Wealth Planning we have not stopped working. In actual fact, we have been working harder in the last four months more than ever to make sure we are looking after all of our client’s needs. This is what gives us purpose and keeps us going.

So for our good mental health we will be taking a vacation over the next few weeks. We will have to be creative and figure out how to best use our time off to recharge our mental batteries since travelling really isn’t an option right now. What are you doing to help your mental health stay intact? Everybody needs a break and whether it’s from work or whether it’s from lock down, we have to clear the abnormalcy of what we have been going through.

For me, my vacation is going to give me a chance to go through every nook and cranny in my house looking for things to get rid of. Decluttering your space also helps you to declutter your mind. Purging has a euphoric emotion of accomplishment. Projects that need to be done but not, can live in the back of a lot of peoples mind.

Why not take a moment to do a mental health reality check and figure out what you can do to stay mentally strong. Having gratitude for the safety and health of your family is a good start.

Here are some additional steps you can take to ease anxiety

  • Don’t watch too much news
  • Accept that some level of anxiety is normal
  • Focus on things you can change, not things you cannot
  • Try and eat healthier
  • Stay active and if possible get some exercise
  • Avoid substance abuse
  • Get lots of sleep or maintain a schedule
  • Find time to just relax (reading, gardening arts & crafts)

To good mental health. I feel better already.

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