We are currently in the middle of an office renovation.  Doing major renovations is like moving.  We were forced to empty everything so the movers could come in and relocate our furniture while the painting and carpeting were changed.

Since I have been in my office and in particular this building for over 20 years I figured instead of just packing my stuff, I would go through everything and see what I could get rid of.  It is surprising when you start going through things that were hidden away in drawers, boxes and shelves, what stuff I kept for the sake of keeping.  Once I started going through old manuals, out of date books, papers, etc. and starting filling up the garbage cans I couldn’t stop.  With every item I let go of, a sense of liberation began to grow within me.  Then the purging became a mission.  It felt so good to purge that with each garbage bin I filled, I felt freer.  Most of what we call treasures were really out of date pieces of junk.

Why do we think holding on to the past with a lot of stuff, will be good for anything in the future?  It has been said “If you hang on to your history, you may lose out on your true destiny”.  This stuff (junk) was really an invisible tie to a past that was done and gone.

man in blue jacket standing on pathway during daytime

I experienced a level of freedom from this process and was now ready to face the future with a clean slate, and office.  I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there.  How many of us have stuff (junk) around that is holding us back?  The treasures that you have buried in boxes and stored away for an indefinite time should be taken out and enjoyed.  The rest should be eliminated from your life, your home and your mind.  Besides all the junk you purge could be someone else’s treasure.  There were things that were perfectly good that I just had no use for that I donated.  I took great pride in knowing that items I once coveted, now held a new meaning for someone else.

Life is about choices.  Make a choice and see if decluttering your home or your office doesn’t help you to release the past and move forward to a brighter and new future. For me the chaos of our renovation, caused me to listen to my inner desire for more order and harmony in my work environment, hopefully it will do the same for you.