We are just around the corner from a big holiday gift giving time. The hustle and bustle has begun and all the pretty lights are up to encourage people to spend a lot more money than they should. While it is great being in the festive mood, sometimes we tend to over indulge not just in food consumption but in our spending. It is great to make memories but not so great to get the bills in the new year. This year would be ideal to make a list and budget. Why you ask? Because our government is giving us a gift that begins in the new year. In 2019 the TFSA contribution room has increased to $6000 from $5500 it was in the current year. That extra $500 must come from somewhere. It is a wonderful opportunity to have incentive and motivation to increase your savings. This gift from the government is the gift that keeps on giving. After all you have an opportunity to grow and provide more memories in the future with whatever you choose to do with that money. If you have not opened up your tax free savings account yet, you have a total of $63,500. Between couples that is $127,000. So while Christmas is one day a year and a day full of excitement for a lot of families, it is also a time of a lot of stress when it comes to money. If it’s true that a lot of Canadians are living pay to pay, then blowing a large portion of the family budget on one day maybe something to rethink. Embrace the gift from the government and choose more wisely how you spend and stretch your Christmas budget. Happy holidays to all and until next year, all the best.