At the end of any given year, and this year in particular, many people like to look at the year that passed and reflect on what they’ve accomplished, experienced and left undone.  The holiday season seems to bring some melancholy with it as well as some hope and optimism.  It is also a great time to work on plans and goals for the future, whether they be financial (saving and investing), travel, career, spiritual, charitable ….well you get the picture.  Part of this goal setting is to accept that we cannot change the past but that we are also the captains of our future.

2020 has given us a rare gift.  It has allowed us to take stock of what is really important to us.  For many that boils down to family, health and wellness.  With that in mind it is a great time to set some new goals to accomplish in 2021 for when things open up again …or even if they don’t.  We’re not talking New Year’s resolutions.  We’re talking life altering/improving targets.

It is just as important to realize the “why” a goal is important to you and not just focus on “what” your goals are.  There is also something magical that happens when you commit a list of goals to paper.  Your subconscious brain begins to think of ways to realize these goals.  It helps to review these goals as often as possible.  A set of written goals also helps to focus on why we are doing certain things in our lives.

With that in mind here are some guidelines for goal setting:

  1. Get them on paper first.  That is don’t prioritize until you have established a list of items.
  2. Set a limit on the number of goals but be specific and realistic with your goals
  3. The goals can and should be shared but only after you’ve completed your list.
  4. They should be your goals, written by you, as this helps you take ownership of them and the steps to accomplish them.
  5. We would suggest you prioritize relationships and experiences over objects
  6. With that said everything costs money so having some financial goals is important
  7.  A friend used to say frequently to me “always stop at the first bread store you pass”. It means don’t procrastinate as time waits for no one.
  8. Inertia is dangerous so get moving.  Start taking baby steps towards your goals.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can progress towards a specific target.  This can just be a google search or a phone call…but make the first step.
  9. Celebrate any achievement including the first step to goal actualization
  10. Once your list is written review it daily.  Ask yourselves what steps you can take to move further along the path to goal achievement.
  11. Revisit, refine, refocus

Please join us in setting some real goals for a great 2021 and beyond.

Be brave.  Be adventurous.  “Every man dies, not every man truly lives”. (William Wallace quote)

Bring it on 2021!!

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Happy New Year Everyone.

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