Every spring a lot of people give their homes a good cleaning from top to bottom. Instead of focusing on just the house or garage, why not include spring cleaning of your finances. What I am talking about is doing the things that get put off every year such as getting your wills and powers of attorneys done. When you clean up this mess, it is something that will normally stay clean for years and the rewards are priceless should something untimely happen to you.

I know it is not easy to have this heart to heart conversation with your partner about what will happen, should something happen. It takes a long time for many people to get around to making a will and completing the powers of attorney for health and finances because they are unwilling to think about their own mortality. What people don’t think about is the cost of not completing these very important documents and what happens to the people left behind having to deal with things where there are no written instructions.

When you get around to cleaning up this mess it has a way of releasing some of the subconscious stress you have knowing it has to be done but not wanting to do it. I meet people almost daily who still have the mess of not having this cleaned up. This should be one of the first financial messes you clean up so you can focus on some of the other messes that are really holding you and your family back from reaching some of your financial goals. Maybe you should call your lawyer today and book your appointment to get this off your to do list in your financial spring cleaning.

Next month we will continue on our spring cleaning with another financial tip.