So maybe there’s some good to be had from all this Social Distancing. We feel that not
enough is being said about some of the positives the world is experiencing from our forced
time out as the media just focuses on the negative to draw in viewers.

On top of potentially slowing Covid-19 social distancing should also lead to significant
declines in:

 Crime
 The Flu
 The common cold (also a corona virus)
 h1n1
 MERs
 Ebola
 Norovirus
 Lice in schools
 Pollution and carbon emissions

The planet is literally getting a breather. Pictures of the canals in Venice and the sky over
parts of China show huge declines in pollution levels. We don’t see how it couldn’t.

We’re probably all going to wash our hands a lot more and possibly eat out a little
less. Some of us have rediscovered past times such as reading, exercising, baking or
just plain old chilling with a beverage.

Other positives that we hope come from this period of panic is how interconnected we all
are. Whether through contagion or economically. When my neighbour loses his job, my
pay will be cut. It’s really that simple. I would hope we use this time to focus on what is
the most important to us in our journey through life. Friends, family and health trump
assets (and liabilities). You can’t take it with you!

Stay healthy and Take Care