I can’t lie, COVID testing had me second guessing my recent travel plans.  Leading up to my flight to Las Vegas for a hockey tournament last month, I was very nervous about travelling.  I’m a little more relaxed about COVID than some people (life must go on, in my opinion) but, I was concerned about testing positive in the U.S. and being stuck there for an additional ten days or more.

Travel and vacation is, or should be, part of our mental health and wellbeing regime.  Our most important asset is our health.  Visiting friends and family or faraway places and beach destinations (my favourite), all serve to help recharge our batteries, reduce stress, relax, and heal our bodies and boost our immune system.  By denying ourselves these breaks we are losing out on some of life’s most treasured moments.  I don’t believe I’m the only one thinking this way because my flight to Las Vegas was overbooked and they were offering $500 plus a night at a hotel and flight the next day as well as possible bump up to business.


So, what can we do to ensure that we have a safe, healthy, and relaxing trip?


  1. Plan, plan, plan. Flights, hotels, contingencies, emergencies, COVID tests, etc.  My backup plan was to drive back if, in the off chance, I tested positive for COVID.


  1. Government requirements. Read and be aware of current travel restrictions and guidelines to go to your destination and more importantly to get home (for examples visit the Health Canada website).


  1. Travel Insurance.  Make sure your travel insurance covers any COVID related issues such as hospitalization as well as flight cancellation due to positive COVID testing. Having proper insurance coverage will also help with your decision to go or stay home. Contact your financial advisor for further discussion or additional coverage.


  1. Estate planning.  Make sure you have adequate life insurance and your will is updated.  This isn’t COVID specific but generally a good idea before you get on a plane.


  1. Testing.  Arrange your testing in advance, again for both going away and coming home.  Unless you are staying longer than a week, I would suggest you find and book a COVID testing facility near your vacation location and book your appointments before you travel.  My appointment was a 10 minute Uber drive away from my hotel.  The appointment took less than a minute (in and out).  I said I would be fast and the driver waited for me and took me back.  The results came back in less than 12 hours which was guaranteed by the rapid testing facility.  Incidentally Shoppers Drug Mart also got back to me in 12 hours, but this was not guaranteed and booking the test was through an alternative provider and was a bit arduous although the test itself was relatively quick.


  1. Equipment check.  Get a comfortable mask.  I can’t stress this enough.   This was the longest I had ever worn a mask and the back of my ears were raw, chaffed and sore.  I was wearing the standard blue masks you see everywhere. I would highly advise against it for long stretches of time.  My ears were still burning days later.


  1. Environment.  Make sure you are in or going to an environment where you will feel comfortable.   The buildings in Las Vegas requires masks be worn.  You were allowed to remove masks to eat and drink.  The hotels were extremely busy and this may not be for everyone but I felt fairly comfortable.   Although enforcement was loose most people wore masks.


  1. Relax and enjoy yourself.  You deserve it!


Landing and clearing Pearson airport was surprisingly easy, if you’ve fill out the ArriveCan app, have tested negative and are vaccinated.  Health Canada was only testing a random sample of people from my plane and I was not one of the one’s chosen to be tested.  Actually, I didn’t plan for this quick exit through customs so I had to wait for my ride home.

This was my first trip in over 18 months and I know that I needed a break.  In the end I was glad I went even though I second guessed myself until I actually went wondering whether I should go or should I stay home.

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