February can be a great time to stay indoors and think about your plans for the rest of the year and how it will or can impact your budget. With the holidays long behind us, you have hopefully recovered from the dent it may have had on your bank account. With the temperatures dropping below freezing you may be thinking of a winter vacation down south. This may be the opportunity to get out the budget for a good old fashion review.

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What you want to look for in your budget is where you can find extra money to fund the TFSA and possibly putting some money away in your retirement plan, if still applicable. If your cash flow allows for a winter vacation then you will need to consider where you can go and still keep your long term goals on track. What you don’t want to happen is your retirement plans ending up on the back burner because of a want right now.

Winter can be fun if you plan for it. There are usually winter carnivals going on and some local indoor events happening that doesn’t cost a lot but feels like you are vacation when you participate.

When you don’t feel like going outdoors, spend some time really thinking about what is important in your life and how will money impact it. Whether positive or negative you need some strong motivations about money to keep what you really want alive in your mind. When it is clear in your mind you can make wiser decisions about how you spend your money. It all starts with a thought that will become a reality with some planning. So why not spend some indoor time thinking about what you want and make some plans to have that happen.